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Re: No Umlauts in Gnome Apps

On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 03:15:18PM +0200, Johan Ehnberg wrote:

| I see this as a general problem with Debian. The locale system doesn't 
| really cover everything needed.

It's not just debian, though.  The problem has deep historical roots.
Originally there were no locales, and ASCII was all that was used.
(at least in the US, most software wasn't widely distributed anyways)
(ignore IBM and EBCDIC for now)  Later on software became more widely
deployed and the limits of ASCII became problematic.  Locales are a
solution, but they only work if the application takes the locale into

So the current problem is that some (too many) applications ignore the
locale, or have bugs in situations where the locale isn't the same as
the developer who coded it.  Gnome 1.x seems to be pretty bad in terms
of internationalization (eg gnome-terminal can't handle unicode or
"extended" drawing characters).  I use xterm and vim instead.
('apt-get install xterm').  Supposedly gtk and gnome 2 handles unicode
and internationalization better, but I have no experience with it.
When I tried installing the new gnome-terminal a while back I ended up
not being able to run any gnome apps.


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