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Re: No Umlauts in Gnome Apps


* Johan Ehnberg <johan@ehnberg.net> [02-12-01 14:15]:
>Edit /etc/environment or apt-get install localeconf so that the result 
>is (replace fi_FI@euro with your own locale: de_DE@euro):

I have this now, and it seems to work as good as on your system.

>-Some GTK apps like gnome-terminal don't work (I use xterm instead, 
>which gives öäå)

I haven't found one of these yet.

>-Other apps start slowly, eg gedit (30 sec. of 100 % CPU usage), but 
>give öäå

I see this with gedit (which I don't use) and Eterm (which I *do*
use). I also remember that I had this problem with Eterm before. I
went away when I installed some additional fonts.

Yes, that seems to work. Try to install xfonts-*-transcoded and see if
the problem persists.

>-Gnome starts up a bit slower (stops for an extra 5 secs on 
>Windowmanager of I remember correctly).

I don't use Gnome, only some applications, so this is no problem.

>-Some Gnome gunctions are really f:d up, like changing icons for 
>launchers. These crash on you completely.

Haven't noticed anything yet.

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