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No Umlauts in Gnome Apps


I cannot see Umlauts (äöÜ) and other special characters (æß) in my GTK
applications (Gimp, EasyTAG, Gedit, GKrellM).

I use a US keyboard layout and a modified keymap to enter these
special characters. This works fine for KDE, LessTif and Tk, but GTK
does not display them, all I get is a zero-width character.

I can use the clipboard to move these zero-width character to KDE or
LessTif, They are diplayed perfectly then, so it seems to be only a
display problem.

What's up with my system?

As a side note, I also get a warning on start of most GTK apps:
    Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
I can remove this warning by setting LC_ALL to C, but I don't know
about the consequences. Which would be the best documentation to read
about this? (Setting LC_ALL does not help with special characters.)

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