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Re: UNIX shells - Bourne and C

Joshua Lee <yid@softhome.net> [2002-11-11 16:24:00 -0500]:
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 05:32:58PM -0700, Bob Proulx wrote:
> > The Korn shell is not free.  At one time you could buy source from
> > AT&T by an anonymous uucp connection for IIRC $300 and we did that.
> The Korn shell *used* to not be free, now it is, as in beer. You can
> download it for free but not distribute it,

I should not have mixed "free" with "buy for $300" as that creates a
communication problem.  My bad.  Sorry.  I meant "free speech" and not
"free beer".  Ksh is still not free speech software.  If I read that
right free-speech software distributions still can't distribute it.

> and it is the ksh93 version rather than ksh88 which pdksh
> emulates.  Ksh93 is a pretty good scripting language from what I
> hear,

It fixes some of the problems which became apparent in ksh88 after
more widespread use.  $ENV comes to mind there.

> but outside of the propritary Unix world, where ksh is the defacto
> standard, its not likely to catch on as long as AT&T doesn't think
> it should be downloaded anywhere other than its servers.

Even in the proprietary unix world the use of /bin/ksh is drastically
being reduced.  Most vendors are moving to /bin/sh for scripts.
Obviously going from /bin/ksh to /bin/sh is pretty trivial as posix sh
is based on ksh88.  But there are still a few vendors that cling to
/bin/csh scripts.  There is no explaining it.


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