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Re: DWL-650 Wireless PCMCIA Card

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 07:10:16AM -0500, Jamin W. Collins wrote:
> It may be that the system is trying to load the prism2_cs module to bring
> up the interface, which in turn trys to load the ds module, prior to
> pcmcia service being started. Do you have wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces
> configured as auto?  If so, try removing the auto declaration.

Well, that does stop it from trying to load wlan0 with ds, but it
doesn't cause me to have a functioning wlan0 interface by the time we
get to the login prompt. 
The above conjecture is incorrect anyway, because prism2_cs is
successfully loaded *after* all the shenanigans with ds. 
Interestingly, running my trial-and-error script (pasted below if you
need a snicker) after removing the auto declaration doesn't work. So,
it only works after trying and failing to bring up wlan0 with
ds. (Maybe some necessary routing stuff gets set up via the auto
declaration, I don't know..)

Here's the script that gets it going: (wish I could ditch it :)

# Set things up nice for wlan0.
sudo ifconfig eth0 down
sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces.static /etc/network/interfaces
sudo ifdown wlan0 >> /dev/null
sleep 1
sudo ifup wlan0 >> /dev/null

sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces.dhcp /etc/network/interfaces
sudo ifdown wlan0 >> /dev/null
sleep 1
sudo ifup wlan0 >> /dev/null

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