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Re: galeon crashes on pasting (was: galeon and its problems)

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 10:46:35PM -0400, Allan Wind wrote:
> On 2002-10-04 22:06:51, Kevin Coyner wrote:
> > Galeon has been funky for me too.  Mine goes into an instant freeze
> > where it simply locks up, typically while scrolling down the page.
> > Scroll bar freezes and all other controls are worthless.   Only thing I
> > can do is kill it.  All other apps on my desktop are unaffected - only
> > Galeon.  
> Is galeon's memory utilization going way up when this happens?  I
> started seeing that after the upgrade to Mozilla 1.1 and whatever Galeon
> was required including the current 1.2.6.

Galeon seems to use ridiculous amounts of RAM when I leave it running
for a while; it's been running for a day now, has only one window with
two tabs (not even particularily graphics-heavy pages) and top says

5204 rob       15   0 48464  37M 33416 S     0.0 14.9  13:28 galeon-bin
 312 root       5 -10  351M  46M 25936 S <   6.2 18.3  26:03 XFree86

I never can seem to keep the difference between SIZE, RSS, SHARE and
%MEM in my head, so I'm not even sure if this is abnormal.  I am using
NVidia's Proprietary Crap(tm) drivers, so I wouldn't be surprised if
they were just leaking like a seive.

Incidentally, Mozilla seems to crash within about 2 minutes of start up.
I'm beginning to think that I must have hardware issues.


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