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Re: galeon and its problems (was: tabbed browsing as 'zilla's default)

* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [01-10-2002 16:07]:
>   (b) keyboard control; i am failing to switch to the next tab with
>       ctrl-right and ctrl-left, and i can't close tabs with ctrl-w.
>       furthermore, i want to make ctrl-n bring up a new tab.
Galeon without a mouse is like lynx with only a mouse.

>   (c) the external program to view source code is continually reset to
>       the default (gnome-edit), not accepting my changes
>       (`x-terminal-emulator -e vim`)
>   (d) it keeps forgetting the homepage i set. on every restart, it's
>       back to gnome.org (#145017)
>   (e) it forgets the mailer selection and always goes back to Gnome

Have you tried building a new Galeon profile. I have seen this sort
of behaviour, but removing ~/.galeon and maybe some other gtk/gnome
related directories, solved these problems. Remember that your
boomarks also live somewhere in these dirs, so be careful when
sending them to /dev/null.

>   (f) it crashes frequently on X cut'n'paste
>   (g) in general, it crashes frequently and usually forgets some to
>       a lot of the user preferences. that's a pain.
> i have found no bugreports but the one on the above. maybe because
> i am at fault?

Plugins can cause crashes, but then Galeon crashes every two
minutes. Once I have solved those issues, a crash is very rare. X
dies on me more often.


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