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Re: Re-broadcasting/caching streaming video

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 11:28:13PM +0200, Balazs Javor wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder whether there is a solution for this problem:
> My wife would like to whatch some sreaming video channel
> from the net on her Windows box but unfortunately the
> server is quite busy and it is difficult to connect to it.
> The only solution seems to be not to let the connection
> drop once it has connected.

Couldn't she just leave the streaming client running on her machine?

> So I was wondering whether it would be somehow possible to use
> my always on Debian box to receive the broadcast and then
> stay connected to it, and simulataniouly rebroadcast or unicast it
> over the local LAN so that she could connect to my box and whatch
> the channel whenever she wants...

It would depend on the format the stream is in...If it's RealVideo,
maybe you could install RealPlayer on your machine and leave it running
all the time.  When she wants to watch it you could export your X
display to her machine
> On the same note, it would be fantastic if the linux side could
> constantly try reconnecting to the Internet source until it succeeds.

Again, depends on the format.  If it were a Free streaming format, I
imagine it wouldn't be too hard to modify the client to do this sort of
thing.  If not, I've got no idea..


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