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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

> Kent West said:
 This appears to be changing with
> the new MS DRM patents, and intel/AMD putting silicon into their
> chips/chipsets to work with it. From my brief reading on it the end goal
is to
> eliminate piracy totally. While I have no problem with this, it
> will force many people to purchase the software products if they are
> to continue using them(I expect the full implimentation of this to take
> several years).
Does this mean that in future if I desire to buy intel hardware and use it
with open-source software such as Debian, the hardware would prevent me from
doing this or open-source software would be deteriorated in its performance.
I am curious because am a dedicated open-source fan and user if not a
programer or developer.
In my country almost all my life I had been deprived form certain freedoms
and now that I have regained some of them, I insist on having the right to
choose, so I chose Linux, I chose Debian GNU Linux, I chose Slackware and
will continue to make choices, however if the tendency is hardware and
software to be controlled by monopolists or the Internet to quash all
freedoms because of software and hardware tracking down all your moves and
reporting to the monopolists and/or denying access to services, etc - what
is the future of open-source initiatives?
Sorry to be OT but I am concerned


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