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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

Chavo said:

> Does this mean that in future if I desire to buy intel hardware and use
> it with open-source software such as Debian, the hardware would prevent
> me from doing this or open-source software would be deteriorated in its
> performance. I am curious because am a dedicated open-source fan and user

I have no doubt that is the goal of some people including MS, whether
or not they will actually be able to achieve it is another question.
with big companies like IBM, AMD, and Intel supporting linux I find
it hard to believe at least in the short term(3-5 years) they would
turn on it. AMD is in the better spot then Intel right now. From what
I've read they only plan to integrate DRM into their chipsets. Which
means their CPUs will be clean(at least for the moment). That leaves
other companies such as VIA and SIS to make chipsets(infact all of my
AMD machines are VIA chipsets) that are DRM-free. I haven't heard
whether or not VIA or SIS(or others) will do DRM or not.

If all else fails there is always PowerPC, Sparc, and Alpha(for a while
anyways). I'm thinkin about gettin a modern mac and throwing debian
on it, maybe when the next rev of chips comes out.

It may be another 8 years though until this DRM thing really takes
hold(if it takes hold), theres too many computers out there running
old shit to make it really worthwhile to use(chicken and egg problem
I guess).

Because of this, I think Linux has a great chance to expand the
userbase by a significant amount(and is doing so). People/businesses
will be making the choice of whether to jump to (whatever comes
after winXP), or to something different. More and more(esp overseas)
are jumping ship. Sorta like a chain reaction :)


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