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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

Chavo wrote:

Kent West said:
This appears to be changing with
the new MS DRM patents, and intel/AMD putting silicon into their
chips/chipsets to work with it. From my brief reading on it the end goal
is to
eliminate piracy totally. While I have no problem with this, it
will force many people to purchase the software products if they are
to continue using them(I expect the full implimentation of this to take
several years).

Correction for the record: Kent West did not say this.

And just to throw in my 2 cents, if Intel and AMD do go ahead with Palladium, it'll just push more freedom-loving geeks to Sparc and PowerPC architectures, and semi-geeks to Macintosh, etc. Within the last day or so, either Wired or Slashdot had an article saying the Apple was still resisting the DRM push, and that some startup in China is now making chips. So one possibility is that all those Chinese who have been purchasing Intel/AMD might now start purchasing Chinese-made chips. How long in such an environment will Intel/AMD keep up their stupidity? I have no answer. Still, I'm not worried about it; concerned, yes; worried, no. As Mr Spock once said, "There are always alternatives." (speaking of geeks . . . . :-)


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