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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 01:13:33PM +0300, Chavo wrote:
> Does this mean that in future if I desire to buy intel hardware and use it
> with open-source software such as Debian, the hardware would prevent me from
> doing this or open-source software would be deteriorated in its performance.
> I am curious because am a dedicated open-source fan and user if not a
> programer or developer.

If it ever comes down to this, I will break my lifetime record of never
buying a PowerPC machine.  But seriously...

The sad thing is this looks like the way things may be going because of
Microsoft's heavy handed tactics.  What can normal people (I use the
word normal loosly for people like me :-)) do about this?  Simple, don't
buy Microsoft products.  I know that Dead To Rights for the XBox looks
awesome, and that maybe Halo is the best console FPS, but don't buy it.
Don't buy any Microsoft products, any MS OS, and try to move current
users away from MS options.

Furthermore, if it ever gets really bad, do what I suggested above, and
boycot Intel hardware.  I've heard some good things about PowerPC
hardware, and I've also heard good things about other chips supported by
Debian.  Maybe it's time to make the architecture change...

Just my (rambling) two cents,

Edward Guldemond

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