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Re: galeon crashes on pasting (was: galeon and its problems)

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 09:49, Carl Fink wrote:
> One more data point -- I find Galeon very stable.  In weeks of use,
> I've only had it crash twice.  It isn't as solid as, say, icewm or
> mutt, but it's quite usable.
> (Using the version in Stable.)
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> Carl Fink               carlf@dm.net
> Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum
> <http://dm.net>

Galeon seems to get in *moods* of performance for me - currently, it
crashes while loading itself, even if I create a new account and try it
there. Maybe it doesn't match up quite right with the Mozilla on my
system (Galeon's big design weakness - the need to be rebuilt for any
updating of Mozilla.) Me - I know that Mozilla will run anymore, while
Galeon seems to involve a coin flip of whether it matches up, and my
experience is that it often doesn't move into testing at the same time
that new Mozillae do. This gets, shall we say, frustrating, and I know
that Mozilla is going to run for me *right out of the command line*,
particularly given that I keep a generally up-to-date Mozilla-sourced
install in /opt, usually up to the latest beta, which is usually
available at least a week (and sometimes much longer) before the
corresponding Debian package.
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