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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

also sprach Jamin W. Collins <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net> [2002.10.03.1346 +0200]:
> > I can't imagine a single law that would forbid me to do something with
> > a product I acquired, as long as that something isn't in disagreement
> > with the law. 
> Isn't that in general the nature of a _law_?

It isn't illegal to emit light of a green colour.
Then, am I going against the law if I buy a lamp and insert a green

It isn't illegal to rip pages out of a book.
Then, am I going against the law if I buy a book for the sole purpose
of a decorative scratch paper depository?

It isn't illegal to play records backwards.
Then, am I going against the law if I rewire my record player to turn
the record the other way?

Silly examples.

I am not planing on harming Micro$oft. I am buying their product, just
not for the usage that they would like to see. I am not going to
reverse-engineer and I am not going to pirate anything or otherwise
damage their sales. How am I going against the law?

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