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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

also sprach Oleg <oleg@tw304h3.cpmc.columbia.edu> [2002.10.03.0048 +0200]:
> Firstly, you need a mod chip for each Xbox. Secondly, you need to
> install them into each Xbox. Thirdly, how many Xboxes,  mod chips,
> expensive Myrinet networks, and how much labor would it take to
> replace *one* dual Athlon 4?

These are valid points that speak for regular machines rather than
XBoxes. However, in terms of size and stackability, the XBox beats any
small tower or similar.

> Our lab had to write a specific grant application for a Linux
> cluster. I just don't think a grant application asking for well over
> $20,000 to buy Xboxes, mod chips and network hardware has even the
> slightest chance of being approved. 

Well, you let that be our problem, okay?

> And even *if* one goes through the process of raising the money
> necessary for this, if Microsoft comes out with the new Xbox version
> that resists hacking by that time, you may just get stuck with 100
> game consoles.

We're no fools, okay?

> As to the legal issues, IANAL and I don't even know under which
> jurisdiction you live. Consider my ealier statement a friendly
> suggestion to consult one.

I can't imagine a single law that would forbid me to do something with
a product I acquired, as long as that something isn't in disagreement
with the law. But since we ain't pirating or hacking, there's really
nothing wrong with installing Linux on an XBox...

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