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Re: OT: mass installation on XBox

> Firstly, you need a mod chip for each Xbox. Secondly, you need to install 
> them into each Xbox. Thirdly, how many Xboxes,  mod chips, expensive Myrinet 
> networks, and how much labor would it take to replace *one* dual Athlon 4?
> Striclty speaking, for some hard problems, where "connectivity" is very 
> important, even 1000000 XBoxes working together will not reach the same 
> performance. 
> Luckily, most interesting number-crunching problems fall somewhere in the 
> middle: connetivity is important, but some parallelization is possible.
> Our lab had to write a specific grant application for a Linux cluster. I just 
> don't think a grant application asking for well over $20,000 to buy Xboxes, 
> mod chips and network hardware has even the slightest chance of being 
> approved. 
> And even *if* one goes through the process of raising the money necessary for 
> this, if Microsoft comes out with the new Xbox version that resists hacking 
> by that time, you may just get stuck with 100 game consoles.
> As to the legal issues, IANAL and I don't even know under which jurisdiction 
> you live. Consider my ealier statement a friendly suggestion to consult one.

Ugh. I have to tell you, why is everyone so damned worried about "why
would you want to do it."

Why? Because it's possible.

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