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Re: Why mailing-lists? Usenet have been invented, I hear. ;-)

Oh, man, I thought this thread was dead...

On  0, Peter Whysall <peter.whysall@ntlworld.com> wrote:
> > thread about the structure of the list itself, namely the use of
> > reply-to headers. Instead of responding materially to my points, one
> > poster, for example, made mention of my use of Outlook as a mail client,
> > apparently attempted to embarrass or attack me. This is, of course, a
> > variation of ad hominem. This argument is so common and recognizable in
> > the computing field it can be given a special name, let us call it the
> > 'ad technium' fallacy.
> Who was that? Let's expose the moron! Really, people. Lambasting posters
> for their choice of email client is so far beyond lame it's
> embarrassing. Some of us work in environments where we don't get to
> choose the mail client. 

That 'moron,' is here and sticking his hand up.  I do not regret my
comments about his mailer, and I have already posted a defense of them
in this thread.  Perhaps you didn't feel the need to read my reply
before tagging me a "moron?"  Did you bother to read the original
thread where I made comment on his mailer?  If not, and it seems clear
from the, 'me too,' nature of your post that you haven't, how dare you
name me a moron, when your own opinion is based purely on hearsay?
What right have you to accuse me of having the mental development of
an eight year old[1] when you can't even be bothered to find out
precisely what I said and why I said it?  My comment was part of a
structured argument, and Josh took it out of its context in a rather
violent manner to accuse me of his so-called 'ad technium' fallacy.

[1]Look it up, that's what it means.

FYI, you can find my post here:


Craig Dickson also made a similar comment.  My defense of my comment
is here:


> Take care and stick around.

'Take care,' is good advice.  Take care before you blunder into
threads and make random accusations.

Tom Cook
Information Technology Services, The University of Adelaide

"Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers."
	- Leonard Brandwein

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