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Re: Email (was Setting up Exim was Setting up Sendmail)

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 06:02:00PM -0700, Michael Olds wrote:
> You say you've used the defaults during exim install/setup.  Did you
> choose the "Internet site" or "Satellite" or...
> So "Internet" or what was the #1 choice.

yep, that's "Internet site".  The proper general choice for what you want.

> <============X==============>
> The next question is, how much do you need/want your machine to do:)
> I normally prefer to have an ISP take care of all delivery and receiving
> problems, but others really want to run their own full blown mail server.
> In general what I am aiming to do is to get to the point where I have a self

Okee so you want to have a full blown mail server, relaying mail for
your own domain (that Windows machine), delivering locally and sending
and receiving from the net.  That's a lot to check out, so let's break
it up and start of with checking local delivery on the linux box...

> <============X==============>
> ==> /var/log/exim/mainlog <==
> 2002-10-02 02:20:10 17wXFK-0005dU-00 <= carel@mail.felnet U=carel P=local
> S=319
> 2002-10-02 02:20:11 17wXFK-0005dU-00 => carel@mail.felnet
> <carel@animus.felnet> R=smarthost T=remote_smtp H=schaduw.felnet
> []
> 2002-10-02 02:20:11 17wXFK-0005dU-00 Completed
> Little confusion here, but it comes down to the fact that the log reads as
> does your last entry here.

...so the local delivery test seems to work, i.e. exim is happy.
Though I'm not sure how versed you are in reading the logs, (i'm
not:), and maybe you're overlooking something here (the logs should be
quit different, for one there shouldn't be a R=smarthost entry), so
could you share the relevant part of the log?

> I am talking about when I send mail from the Windows machine to the Linux
> box, the linux box is recording such entries in /var/log/exim/mainlog and
> similar entries for mail being sent from root to userme. I am just not able
> to get them to show up in my email client. Again, I can send from Linux to
> the Windows box no problem.
> <============X==============>
> > something silly, like permissions, but I do not know where to look next
> for
> > the solution. As far as I can tell the relevant directories and files are
> > user me and group mail, not sure if it is correct or safe, but also with
> > read, write, and execute for both.
> I'm not sure what files you're talking here, but I sure hope your not
> refering to e.g. files in /etc?
> in /etc/exim
> I have permissions for /etc/exim/ user root rwe; group mail re (is it Debian
> or Krusader that gives permissions in terms of "show entries" "write
> entries" "enter" why not use the numbers, or the usual rwx?)

most likely it's Krusader

> for /etc/exim/exim.conf user root rw; group root r
> for /home/userme/mail user me rwe group mail rwe

why group mail?  Is it your system mailbox?

> for /var/mail/userme user root rwe group mail rwe set Gid others re sticky

user root? Gid? e bit?  Are You using maildirs?
I think even for maildirs the owner of /var/mail/userme should be userme

And talking about defaults, I doubt debian's exim setup defaults to maildir.
And I doubt it's default is to use ~user/mail as system mailbox. 

So I'm wondering, how did you manage to get those, e.g. what email server
was installed prior to exim, did you change things yourself?

groetjes, carel

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