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Re: Little automount problem (caused by konqueror!)

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, D. J. Bolderman wrote:

Ok guys, after hours of searching&looking (and ofcourse screwing up my
nis/nfs installation) I finally have things up and running again. I also
found out that my automount problem is caused by konqueror ! I'm using
kde3.0.3, and when I click on the "home" button in my taskbar, the
automount errors in my log pops up.

Is anybody here also using kde3.0.3 with nis/nfs and experiencing the
same problem ?

> Ok, I've setup nis/nfs with autofs on my server, and everything is
> working great.  However :), there's one message in my client log file
> which I can't seem to track down:

> automount[264]: attempting to mount entry /home/.directory
> automount[6774]: lookup(yp): looking up .directory 
> automount[6774]: lookup(yp): lookup for .directory failed: No such key in map

> This happens when I access my homedir.

> ** auto.home on server

> dick	bolderman:/home/dick

> ** auto.master on server

> /home	yp:auto.home	-rw

> I can't seem to find that .directory anywhere. Do you guys know where
> that could be misconfigured ?

> Thanks for any replies,

D.J. Bolderman

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