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Re: woody xmms problems

    "Mike" == Mike Pfleger <pfleger@pfleger-precision.com> writes:

    Mike> Do you mean /dev/cdrom, or the mount-point that you'd
    Mike> normally use for mounting a data CD?  If I point it to
    Mike> /dev/cdrom, it figures out all of the track information, and
    Mike> the counter runs, as though it were playing the CD, but the
    Mike> transport doesn't seem to do anything with the CD, and
    Mike> there's nothing but a faint clicking for the first two
    Mike> seconds of any track.  It's SCSI drive, and all of the
    Mike> relevant SCSI modules are loaded into the kernel, and I can
    Mike> mount and access data CDs till the cows come home.

XMMS does not pass sound through itself when playing CDs. To quote
from the 

" Cd Audio Player
Plays audio cd's on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris. This plugin does not pass
the sound through XMMS, so no visualization can be made nor will the
equalizer settings have any effect."

I believe you need the cable to your sound card set up correctly.

As for ESD, that is what I use. What is the problem you face
precisely? I use with GNOME, and my computer is my jukebox (over 300
ripped CDs, believe me it works ;-)


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