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woody xmms problems


So I've discovered a new problem in my latest Woody installation.  It
seems that xmms can't play audio cds (I have the correct plugins to the
best of my knowledge; libcdread.so and libcdaudio.so) and also insists
on using OSS as it's output plugin.  If I try to get it to use ESD, it
gives me that error box about making sure nothing is blocking the sound
card, blah blah blah.

My list searches have been fruitless so far, lots of unrelated problems
with soundcards.  OSS works just fine, it seems, but I don't think that
anything can use ESD.  So my output question is this, I suppose; how is
OSS able to work, and is it somehow blocking ESD from getting access to
the card?  Comments?  Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Pfleger
(250) 479-0321

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