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Re: galeon and its problems (was: tabbed browsing as 'zilla's default)

-- martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote
(on Tuesday, 01 October 2002, 03:44 PM +0200):
> It's a cool browser, light and fast. And nevertheless, I am having
> problems with it (version from sarge). From what I can tell right now,
> the only things that keep me from letting galeon replace opera on my
> various desktops are:
>   (a) dependencies; that i could live with i guess.
I agree with you there -- if you don't use m/any other gnome apts, it
seems a little ludicrous to have all that installed. Personally, I also
object to the fact that I need Mozilla installed for it to work -- there
should be some way for these Mozilla derivatives to embed just the
rendering engine and/or other tools they need. However, with apt, a
broadband connection, and a large hard drive, these points are somewhat

>   (b) keyboard control; i am failing to switch to the next tab with
>       ctrl-right and ctrl-left, and i can't close tabs with ctrl-w.
>       furthermore, i want to make ctrl-n bring up a new tab.
The documentation explains what each of the keybindings are. My
understanding is that you can use gconf to change them... but as I've
never tried, I can't really point out how. You should try searching the
galeon mailing list archives

>   (c) the external program to view source code is continually reset to
>       the default (gnome-edit), not accepting my changes
>       (`x-terminal-emulator -e vim`)
>   (d) it keeps forgetting the homepage i set. on every restart, it's
>       back to gnome.org (#145017)
>   (e) it forgets the mailer selection and always goes back to Gnome
>   (g) in general, it crashes frequently and usually forgets some to
>       a lot of the user preferences. that's a pain.
I'm thinking there's something going on with gconf for you. I would
*definitely* check out the galeon mailing list as I've seen a number of
people report issues like this. I've been using galeon since around
version 0.7, and I've never had any issues like these -- it's the most
stable browser I've used, never forgets preferences, and always accepts
changes. Something appears to be misconfigured, and I'm thinking it has
to do with the dependencies, and not Galeon itself.

>   (f) it crashes frequently on X cut'n'paste
And this, I can't answer for you... haven't observed such behaviour in
my usage.

> i have found no bugreports but the one on the above. maybe because
> i am at fault?
Again, check the mailing list. I don't think galeon will have bugs on
these -- because I think they are problems with gconf and gnome.

Matthew Weier O'Phinney

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