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Re: galeon and its problems (was: tabbed browsing as 'zilla's default)

On Tue, 2002-10-01 at 16:08, Matthew Weier O'Phinney wrote:
> >   (a) dependencies; that i could live with i guess.
> I agree with you there -- if you don't use m/any other gnome apts, it
> seems a little ludicrous to have all that installed.

This is a strange point as Galeon is a GNOME web browser. Might as well
ask why I need to install all of KDE just to use Konqurer.

> >   (b) keyboard control; i am failing to switch to the next tab with
> >       ctrl-right and ctrl-left, and i can't close tabs with ctrl-w.
> >       furthermore, i want to make ctrl-n bring up a new tab.
> The documentation explains what each of the keybindings are. My
> understanding is that you can use gconf to change them... but as I've
> never tried, I can't really point out how. You should try searching the
> galeon mailing list archives

To change keybindings in GTK+ 1 (I presume you are not running the
uber-unstable galeon-snapshot) simply hover over the menu item for the
action you would like to change, and hit the keys you would like to bind
it to.
> >   (g) in general, it crashes frequently and usually forgets some to
> >       a lot of the user preferences. that's a pain.
> I'm thinking there's something going on with gconf for you. I would
> *definitely* check out the galeon mailing list as I've seen a number of
> people report issues like this. I've been using galeon since around
> version 0.7, and I've never had any issues like these -- it's the most
> stable browser I've used, never forgets preferences, and always accepts
> changes. Something appears to be misconfigured, and I'm thinking it has
> to do with the dependencies, and not Galeon itself.

I agree. Have you tried installing gconf2 as well?

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