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	Hi Folks,

 I have been unsing courier-imap-ssl and sqwebmail for quite some time
now and it was working fine.

 However, a couple of weeks ago, i noticed the following error message
when logging in my sqwebmail:

Unable to open the maildir for this account -- the maildir doesn't exist
or has incorrect ownership or permissions.

 Okay, so AFAIK, this means that the client was able to log in, it was
just not able to read my maildir.

 The only thing that happened between the last successful time i used it
and now, is that i tried "evolution" (don't ask! =;) and, am guessing,
it screwed up something. (It did screw things up for a few of my

 I'm running Woody (with a few packages from unstable, that shouldn't
be interfering with this - and weren't before) with postfix and
courier-imap and courier-imap-ssl.

 Any hint/help would be greatly appreciated! []'s!

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