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Kylix, SDL and Debian

Does anyone use Kylix with Debian?  I have both Kylix 1 and 3 on a
Debian SID system.  It appears that there's a problem with Kylix using
the SDL libraries.  It may be a problem with the Xlibs being static
instead of dynamic.  

Now when I attempt to compile any SDL application, I get the following
errors in SDL.pas:

Undeclared identifier: 'XEvent'
Undeclared identifier: 'TWindow'
Undeclared identifier: 'SDL_SYSWM_TYPE'

When talking to people on the JEDI_SDL mailing list, they say that
there's not a problem on other distributions, so I'm assuming that
there's something different with Debian.  Is there a work-around for

Any suggestions?
Logan Bear

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