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Pre-release Woody 3.0: 'Man' & Gnome Terminal not working.

> Do change unstable to stabel but do a reinstall of stable not a
> dist-upgrade (as it would be a disty-downgrade). Otherwise you will get
> into a lot of problems.

A dist-upgrade after changing 'unstable' to 'stable' in
/etc/apt/sources.list told me that zero packages were to be upgraded ...

as to a reinstall, as much as I'd like to after tinkering with it 
I feel I've learnt something new and gained a bit of confidence 
 - if I can fix the print fn and procmail mboxes I should have a
 customised and functioning system - short of a major catastrophe.

I still don't understand why Gnome terminal and 'man' pages
are not working. Trying "man procmail" as root gives me

sh: line 1: /usr/bin/pager: No such file or directory
sh: line 1: exec: /usr/bin/pager: cannot execute: : No such file or
man: command exited with status 32256: /bin/gzip -dc
/var/cache/man/procmail.1.gz | exec /usr/bin/pager -s

What is "status 32256" ?



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