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Re: Spawning at Login

Adam Bogacki <adam@bogacki.net> wrote on 19/09/2002 (16:05) :
> Hi,
> 	I find that I get 48 'xdaliclocks' and 14 'xvidtunes' 
> opening up when I start a session in Gnome 1.4 ... at first
> it was amusing but I have not been able to stop this either
> by using the 'kill' or 'close' commands in task manager, or
> by closing each window individually.  

First close all the programs. Then go to Settings on the top panel and
go to Sessions then choose Session Properties & Startup Programs. Then
disable the Automatically store changes to session and press OK. Now
close all programs but don't log-out. Then start the programs you want
to have started every time you login. Go to Settings and session and
choose Save current session. Now logout and then login again and see if
this helps.

Preben Randhol ---------------- http://www.pvv.org/~randhol/ --
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent", Isaac Asimov

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