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Spawning at Login

	I find that I get 48 'xdaliclocks' and 14 'xvidtunes' 
opening up when I start a session in Gnome 1.4 ... at first
it was amusing but I have not been able to stop this either
by using the 'kill' or 'close' commands in task manager, or
by closing each window individually.  

	At least the numbers are not increasing any more and the 
files are not very large. In a previous RH install I had 
StarOffice 5.2 doing the same, but the numbers kept increasing ...
2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15 copies of Star Office opening up until RH 
became so unstable that I, perhaps unfairly, gave up on it and 
switched to Debian.

	I did have those apps open previously. Are they being
opened now because I possibly did not close them before doing
a 'poweroff' ? And how does one stop the current behaviour ?

Adam Bogacki,

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