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Re: having trouble partitioning correctly

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On Sunday 15 September 2002 11:11 am, Scott B. Berry wrote:

Greetings Scott:

> Hello list,
> I am trying to partition a 6.4gb ide hard drive.  I have gone through the
> cfdisk program to do this.  The problem I seem to run in to are two.
> 1.  On the partition where the boot parameter is set is 8.23 megs.  Is this
> big enough to hold both the linux native system and the boot record and
> also I can't get it to go any bigger so I am wondering how I can force it
> up to 10mb like the installation manual says?

You can employ a /boot partition if that is what you want, or you can forgo 
that and let /boot live under / of the drive.  I would recommend deleting it 
if it serves no real purpose right now and since I don't see any mention of 
dual-booting into other operating systems.  Even if you were dual booting, 
you don't need a separate /boot.  This is optional at install time.

> 2.  I am assuming that with the swap it can be set to 64MB(which is the
> amount of memory on the linux box) and then in the
> type of file system I choose 82.

This question always makes me cringe because there is no right answer--ever 
:)  I usually double my RAM if RAM=or is<128 (if RAM=128, swap=256).  On 
newer and better endowed systems, I match the ram (RAM=swap) or even half the 
RAM (RAM=512 then swap=256) to maintain performance speed.  Yes, 82 is the 
right number for swap on Debian systems.

> 3.  What should I do with the rest of the disk space?

This again is a subjective question.  You offer very little information about 
your system and no information about the intended roll for the system.  If 
this is a personal computer to begin learning Linux with, I would recommend 
making the rest of the system's disk space / and not getting too involved in 
partitioning.  Others will strongly recommend two partitions, one for / and 
one for /home.  If you are learning how to setup and administrate a system 
that is intended for production use, then I would follow the manual's 

My system here has three partitions:  swap, root, and archive.  Swap is set 
to 256MB (half my RAM), then I split the remainder of the 60GB drive in half 
for root ("/" not "/root") and archive.


> Scott Berry

73 om

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