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Re: Why mailing-lists? Usenet have been invented, I hear. ;-)

On Mon, 2002-09-09 at 20:33, nate wrote:
> Kai Olsen said:
> > Hi all.
> > Why on earth (to stay local) doesn't Debian move the lists to a
> > newsserver instead ????
> i'll reply anyways.
> not every ISP has a news server, running a news server is very bandwidth
> intensive and disk space intensive. I personally prefer mailing lists over
> usenet anyday.  Now I personally have no problem with a mail:news gateway
> where people can use either method to communicate, I just perfer mailing
> lists.
> debian-user is a relativly high traffic list..at least it has a good
> ratio of good:crap(e.g. spam) mails, unlike many newsgroups ..
> I'd be interested in hearing if any other distributions use usenet
> for user support. I have used SuSE, and FreeBSD's mailing lists ...
> if you don't like it, looks like you've gone away, you won't be missed!
> nate
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I'd add that linux.debian.user and muc.lists.debian.user are mail:news
gateways, although I know that linux.debian.user is supposed to be a one
way gateway - the mailing list showing on the newsgroup and no posts on
the newsgroup (although that is misconfigured on a good number of
servers, including big ones like SuperNews, and some posts appear there
even though the newsgroups were supposed to be read-only - they do not
cross back to the mailing list.) It is through those newsgroups that I
first became familiar with this mailing list.
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