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Re: Woody 'problems'

On Friday 23 August 2002 20:05, Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 20:03, john gennard wrote:

Thank you for the response.

> > a. I have KDE installed, and configured kppp. When lauching
> > kppp. I get this message 'Xlib: extension "RENDER" missing on
> > display ":0.0"' .
> No RENDER extension loaded in XF86Config-4.
> http://www.xfree86.org/~keithp/render/
> Needed for antialiased fonts. Needs support from video card

But I haven't upgraded to XF86Config-4 as yet. I've stayed with the 
2.2.20 kernel.

> > b. I intend to install LAN networking and have the phyical side
> > dealt with and a NIC card in position and the kernal
> > reconfigured. Booting shows the card OK.  When I run
> > 'dpkg-reconfigure etherconf' to see what is involved, I get
> > 'etherconf' is not fully installed'.
> Do you have etherconf installed? dpkg-reconfigure says this even
> if the package is not installed at all.

This I don't know. What package is it in? I've put all seven Woody 
CD's into /etc/apt/sources.list, and 'apt-cache show etherconf' 
gives the response 'unable to locate package etherconf'. What am I 
failing to understand?

> > 'ifconfg -a' shows both
> > /dev/eth0 and /dev/eth1 with details I do not understand.
> Settings are in /etc/network/interfaces. You can edit by hand (not
> hard, mostly only this):
> # eth0 is brought up automatically at boot
> auto eth0
> # the interface eth0 uses a protocol from the inet family
> # uses a statically allocated address
> iface eth0 inet static
>         address
>         netmask
>         network
>         broadcast
> 	gateway
> Also check "man interfaces"
> Etherconf edits this file for you.

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