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Equation editors [Was: Re: CUPS]

Rob Weir wrote:
On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 10:20:35AM -0400, David P James wrote:

original location. In this regard WPO2K is probably the worst offender and if it weren't for the poorly-implemented equation editors and lack of 'reveal codes' in everything else I'd soon switch away from it (I would actually like to see Anyware Office, but I'd have to pay for it before I got to see it. Still, it, unlike anything else, claims to be able to open WordPerfect files).

Have you considered LyX?  It has one of the nicest equation editor's
I've seen, plus uses LaTeX for it's rendering back-end.  Eliminates file
gratuitous, proprietary file format lock-in forever.

I have, several months ago and just now. I spent an hour trying to figure it out, reading the tutorial, etc. And frankly, I can't stand it. It's enormously frustrating, even for equations. For instance, my usual test of equation editors is how it displays the 'unbiased estimator of the error variance' in statistics, for which we always use a squared sigma topped with a circonflex/hat (and only the sigma should be topped - not the "squared" bit of the squared sigma). LyX will apparently do this after much fuss with cursor shifting and mouse clicking, but even then I am unsure as to what it actually looks like (as it is, the circonflex looks kind of dubious). Nor could I print with it, owing partially to its tendency to spit out tonnes of pointless options that are far better dealt with by a printing front-end such as kprinter or qtcups. At any rate both WP and OpenOffice have far easier to use equation editors as far as I am concerned, using the following code in their respective equation editors:

sigma hat ^2

and, for OOo;

hat %sigma^2

The only problem is that OpenOffice has the hat (^) floating miles above the sigma, whether or not the sigma is squared. It does this in the printed version as well. I'm actually quite disappointed that the much-touted MathML is apparently responsible for this. WordPerfect's problem is that this comes out as an image and, whilst not a problem with one or two small equations, if done repeatedly in large equations there is a danger of crashing the application as it is running under wine. Still, at this point, WordPerfect is what I'll continue using, albeit mindful of its potential to go down.

If anyone has Anyware Office installed though, I'd be interested in knowing what my circonflex-topped sigma squared looks like :)

Here are my prof's relevant notes from last year, for reference, luckily all on page 1 (written with ... MS Word):

David P. James
Ottawa, Ontario

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