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Re: List postings as attachments

On Thursday 15 August 2002 17:03 pm, Gary Turner wrote:

> It is unlikely that anyone will accommodate you on this.  I run mail
> from Windows, but had the good sense to find another mail app.  After
> several "not so hot" trials, I settled on Forte Agent about two years
> ago.  It has none of the gripes you deal with--though there are some
> minor wish-list items....  So,  fork out the $30. and get as sane as
> you can be on a MS machine.

When I wiped my M$Win 3.1 partition and made Linux my OS of choice, the 
one and only app I really missed was Forte Agent.  It's going on six 
years now and FA is still the only app I really miss.  There are some 
very nice mail agents and some very nice usenet readers for Linux, but 
I've yet to find any that suit me as well as FA did.  Sigh.

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