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Re: pgp encoding was Re: Apache / php-cgi

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 14:57, Phillip Baker wrote:
> Well with you it's not a problem!
> Your whole message has appeared as the body in my client, but in the case of
> Tom, for example, and Claudio too now, I get the message body as a text file
> attachment, and a PGP key as another attachment, and it makes reading the
> list.. A pain.

Yeah. You might want to write a letter of complaint to the producer of
your mail client stating that it fails to handle these type of messages.

> I'm not even going to tell you what client I use because I'll be flamed to
> pieces :P

Actually I thought they had improved that mail reader, but it seems it
still lacks some standard features ;-).
> Although, I suspect it's telling you all in the headers :)
> /Phil


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