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Re: trouble with gnome and x-window-manager

Weiterleitung einer Email:
Von:     Jeremy Tan <nsx@nsx.homeip.net>
An:      Antonio Nikolic <tony.n@web.de>
Datum:   Sunday, July 21, 2002, 6:02:52 PM
Betreff: trouble with gnome and x-window-manager


On Sun, 21 Jul 2002 17:03:22 +0200, Antonio Nikolic <tony.n@web.de>
wrote :

> Hi all!
> I've set up debian sid and after having installed gnome/sawfish,
> changing the x-window-manager with "update-alternatives..." does not
> take effect. The x-window-manager in fact is changed as it is shown by
> "update-alternatives", but running startx, results in starting gnome
> and sawfish! Before I had gnome installed on the machine, I tried out
> some other windowmanagers and in this time changing x-window-manager
> was no problem....
> I already tried "dpkg-reconfigure xbase-clients", with no success
> either.
> any idea?


You can add a file called .xinitrc to your home directory (the same path
where .bashrc is located). To choose the window/desktop manager to use
startup, you add a line to the file:

For gnome:
exec gnome-session

For Enlightenment:
exec enlightenment

For KDE:
exec startkde


This change will not affect other users on your system. 

Jeremy Tan

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