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Re: demographics of debian users (was: ratio of male vs. female debian users)

Joey> [1] Which is at least better than the people who blackhole south korea
Joey>     because "they're all spammers", and then wonder why they're unable
Joey>     to communicate with certian debian develpers.

And those western culture snobs who send me personal email and which
then bounces when I reply getting "Sorry, we don't accept mail from
[shudder] Taiwan Spam ISPs", as the window rolls up and their
chauffeur drives away.

And no, my mailbox you see is not my ISP so you can't detect that I
live in "the spam hemisphere" from that.

Yes, I took off my "spam language" signature so this message won't get
shot down as it arrives in the pristine mailboxes of the spam free.
At least they aren't requiring x-faces and scanning for the "unclean" ones.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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