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Need advice on email setup

I want to add some features to my home email setup. I think I have
a way to do what I want, but there may be simpler, better, more intelligent
ways. Please comment.

I have four computers and two users, myself and spouse. I use Debian. She uses
an iMac. We share a single 56k ppp connection to the internet which is 
managed by diald on a second Debian computer. I use fetchmail to bring my mail
onto my Debian user box. She uses Netscape to fetch her email from the ISP.
(The fourth computer is an old Mac 8500 that isn't involved in this project.)

I would like to rearrange the fetching of her email so that it is done in
conjunction with my fetch, both done by fetchmail. I think I can do this by 
having fetchmail put her mail on the "ppp server" box, and rearrange her
Netscape preferences so that it looks for mail locally on the ppp server box.
I think I will have to install POP3 service on the ppp server box, to do this.

I'm doing this because I want to work on doing some spam filtering, for myself
and for her. Is what I propose a reasonable step towards spam filtering in
a ppp environment? Is there a better way? Am I crazy to want to do this?

Thank for your comments.

Paul E Condon           

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