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Re: Cyrus vs. UW IMAP + procmail question

<quote who="Balazs Javor">
> Hi,

> So my question is whether there is any overwhelming reason to use
> Cyrus instead of UW? Are there any known problems with UW?
> And generally why do people prefer Cyrus over UW?

if you really need procmail for mail sorting i would possibly
stick with UW. I haven't seen a way to use procmail with cyrus
1.5(debian's version). I have cyrus on a lot of systems but mail
sorting is always done client-side.

> Additionaly if anyone can offer some thoughts on how to best implement
> the above mentioned functionality I would greatly appreciate it!

have you looked at courier? i have heard its a good system too.
it would be better then uw(faster), and more procmail friendly
then cyrus i think.


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