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Re: please kindly get back to me

One more thing... if you actually do what the email asks you to do... you 
might get in some serious truble with the law... what they realy do is money 
loundering and it's usually money from some drug operation or something.

On Tuesday 02 July 2002 00:19, Bob Proulx wrote:
> > > debian-user is filtered with SpamAssassin. However, posts from
> > > subscribers aren't filtered, presumably to ease CPU load on the list
> > > machine. This confused me to start with because I couldn't see the
> > > X-Spam-Status: header I expected.
> >
> > Curious.  I've seen X-Spam-Status headers on every debian-user email
> > I've checked.  For example, the post from Colin I just replied to had ...
> >
> > X-Spam-Status: No, hits=-102.0 required=4.7
> > +version=2.01
> >
> > Is there not SpamAssasin checks done on each debian-user email?
> This looks more like you are filtering with spamassassin on your end.
> That is a good practice in general.  But I believe your headers are
> replacing any headers that would be in there from the list processor.
> In particular USER_IN_WHITELIST looks like a personal rule that you
> have in place to whitelist the mailing list.
> You would have to split off a copy of the debian list mail into a
> non-filtered folder and look at the headers there in order to prove to
> yourself that it is filtered through SA by someone other than
> yourself.  (And the absense of those headers does not mean that it was
> not filtered and those headers stripped off again afterward.)
> Bob

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