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Re: wheel mouse wheel not working

On Mon, 2002-06-24 at 23:47, Vikki Roemer wrote:

It would be much easier to help if you also told what you have in
If you use the settings Ps/2, mabye you schould try ImPs/2. I have with
several pc's used different mouses, optic and ordinary with skroll, and
it is allways working both as button and scroll.

> Hi!
> I've been using Debian for about a week now, and during that time I've
> been trying to get my mouse to work properly,  but I can't.
> I have a PS/2 Microsoft Wheel Mouse.  Since it's possible to click with
> the wheel button as well as scroll, I was hoping I could use it as a
> third button as well as a scroll wheel.  However, I can't even get the
> wheel to even scroll, much less click.
> I downloaded and installed IMWheel, and followed the instuctions, but it
> still doesn't work.  I've also read everything I can find about
> configuring mice, but nothing has been helpful.  Maybe I'm just not
> understanding the instructions?  (This is all pretty heavy-duty for
> someone who just came from Windows 9x (but it's worth it), so it's
> highly likely that I'm just misunderstanding most of the manuals.)
> Any help would be greatly  appreciated.
> Thanking you in advance,
> Vikki Roemer
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