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wheel mouse wheel not working

I've been using Debian for about a week now, and during that time I've
been trying to get my mouse to work properly,  but I can't.

I have a PS/2 Microsoft Wheel Mouse.  Since it's possible to click with
the wheel button as well as scroll, I was hoping I could use it as a
third button as well as a scroll wheel.  However, I can't even get the
wheel to even scroll, much less click.

I downloaded and installed IMWheel, and followed the instuctions, but it
still doesn't work.  I've also read everything I can find about
configuring mice, but nothing has been helpful.  Maybe I'm just not
understanding the instructions?  (This is all pretty heavy-duty for
someone who just came from Windows 9x (but it's worth it), so it's
highly likely that I'm just misunderstanding most of the manuals.)

Any help would be greatly  appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,
Vikki Roemer

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