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Debian on Dell PowerEdge 2500

Hi People,

Has anybody had any experiance running Debian on a Dell PowerEdge 2500.
We've just bought one that has RedHat preinstalled on it, but I'm lothed to
administer RedHat (for one thing it installs so much cr*p that I really do
not want on a server), and so want to change it for Debian, just like the
rest of our boxes.

I'm a little concerned though that Dell seem to supply their own specially
tweaked version of RedHat, and I'm wondering if that's to support things
like the RAID controller (currently set-up as a RAID-5 four disk array), or
other bits of funny hardware that might be in there.

So...Does anybody have any experience with these boxes?


Paul Sargent
mailto: Paul.Sargent@3Dlabs.com

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