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Re: Debian: abandon ship?

After all the postings that I've read...

What I can advice all to do is:

Lets give a route to this "abandoned ship"!
Lets stop the talking and start with some
action... I don't beleive we can gather
every Debian user and ask for his or her opinion...

If we send the image of a desorganized distro, how
does anyone expects it to be usefull?!

Everybody is acting like Debian is having
serious financial problems like the guys at the
Telecom area.

We are not here to judge the use of Debian, but
yes to develop it and make it THE best GNU/LINUX
distribution, and all of us do it for fun, and not for profit.
We do it because it makes us feel good!
If you feel uncomfortable with that... its
your problem! Find something else to do!

If their isn't anybody willing to guide this
ship... I propose we find that person.

Lets work with what we got!
And stop the talking!



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