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Re: this post is not off-topic

> s/not\s+//;

I appreciate the good-natured jibe. I didn't think the analogy to the
Debian release process was so far-fetched, but it appears that it is.

I never understood people who claim that to relase Woody for mainstream
architectures (essentially i386 and PPC) before releasing it for
non-mainstream architectures would make the non-mainstream architectures
"second class citizens."

I was hoping someone who takes this position would either explain why my
ananlogy fails or explain why we really should spend on all 11 diseases
equally, even though this does not help the most people that we can.

I really would like to understand those people better, because right now
they seem as silly to me as the people who want rich kids attend public
schools to ensure that their money doesn't buy then a better education
than the poor kids get. (Equality by holding everyone back.)

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