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Re: this post is not off-topic

>>"David" == David Wright <ichbin@shadlen.org> writes:

 David> I was hoping someone who takes this position would either
 David> explain why my ananlogy fails or explain why we really should
 David> spend on all 11 diseases equally, even though this does not
 David> help the most people that we can.

	If Debian's goal was to reach maximal market share, your
 analogy would not havbe been flawed. Were we trying for popularity,
 we would probably emulate the most popular OS there is; promise, and
 half heartedly implement ``hot'' features, cater to the largest
 category of users, worry about rate of return of effort. 

	But that is not what Debian's goals are. We release when we
 are ready. We do not feel ready. We have decided to release for 11
 architectures, because that pleases our muse. If it is not clear to
 you by now (after having a stable release whose age is beginning to
 be measured in fractional decades) that Debian marches to a different
 drummer, please collect the refunds at the door.

 David> I really would like to understand those people better, because
 David> right now they seem as silly to me as the people who want rich
 David> kids attend public schools to ensure that their money doesn't
 David> buy then a better education than the poor kids get. (Equality
 David> by holding everyone back.)

	I see. And insulting people providing you with a free OS is
 highly cogent behaviour?

 who really feels like reposting the beggar on the beach fable again
 It is fruitless: to become lachrymose over precipitately departed
 lactate fluid.  to attempt to indoctrinate a superannuated canine
 with innovative maneuvers.
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