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Re: UML Modeling w/o Rational Rose

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 11:40:57AM -0700, Brian Rose wrote:
> What is wrong with dia?  Is it not compatible to Rational?

I hobble along with dia.  While I can't comment on its compatibility
with Rational Rose, it does have some definite problems in the UML
template.  Two that spring to mind (as of version 0.88.1-3, which
appears to be the current version in testing):

- Connectors will only draw vertical arrowheads.  It makes layout
of your diagrams significantly more challenging when you can only
attack arrows to the top and bottom edges of the boxes without it
looking awful.

- The UML components only allow one font size: Fill-the-page-with-
a-single-class.  This can be worked around by scaling the entire
document (50% works fine for me), but it's still a major nuisance.
Pity the template's designer didn't realize that some of us are
creating UML to use at our desks and don't need to be able to read it
from across the room.

> Is it
> possible to write a converter between Rational and dia or
> whatever-your-favourite-is or an XML file?

dia's default format looks suspiciously like XML, provided you save
it uncompressed.

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