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Re: UML Modeling w/o Rational Rose

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 02:31:56PM -0500, Dave Sherohman wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 11:40:57AM -0700, Brian Rose wrote:
> > What is wrong with dia?  Is it not compatible to Rational?
> I hobble along with dia.  While I can't comment on its compatibility
> with Rational Rose, it does have some definite problems in the UML
> template.  Two that spring to mind (as of version 0.88.1-3, which
> appears to be the current version in testing):
> - Connectors will only draw vertical arrowheads.  It makes layout
> of your diagrams significantly more challenging when you can only
> attack arrows to the top and bottom edges of the boxes without it
> looking awful.

Not true. If you middle-click on the connectors a menu pops up that lets
you add segments to the connectors. Depending on where you add the
segments, the arrowheads will be horizontal or vertical. Took me a while
to figure this out, though. It's definitely less than intuitive.


Note that I use Debian version 3.0
Linux mus 2.4.17mvz4 #1 Fri Mar 15 23:30:15 CET 2002 i686 unknown

Matijs van Zuijlen

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