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How to install DHCP


I am a bit reluctant to ask this seemingly simple question, but I
could not find the answer in the docs:

I have a computer that was connected to the Internet over ethernet with
a fixed IP address. Recently the network manager requested to change
to DHCP, and I cannot find out how I have to do that. So, can anybody
help me to tell me how to do that?

One method would be to re-install Debian from scratch and let the install
program perform the task, but that seems overkill to me.

The Ethernet Howto does not mention DHCP at all

The "Linux Networking Howto" suggests to use a program "Linuxconfig" for
this task, but I could not find a Debian Linuxconfig package.

The "Linux networking overview Howto" refers to a "DHCP mini HOWTO",
and the latter suggest Debian users to install a deb package called
"dhcpcd". However, this package is not available in testing.

There is a package DHCP, and the man page associated with this
package explains how you can invoke a program called dhcp to obtain
an IP lease, but not how Linux can be made to invoke this program
during bootup and associate the obtained IP number with the eth0
interface. Installing the DHCP package with APT-get does not configure

The "Unix and Internet Fundamentals Howto" does not mention DHCP.


Paul Huygen

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