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Re: How to install DHCP

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 05:53:25PM +0200, Paul Huygen wrote:
> I have a computer that was connected to the Internet over ethernet with
> a fixed IP address. Recently the network manager requested to change
> to DHCP, and I cannot find out how I have to do that. So, can anybody
> help me to tell me how to do that?
> The "Linux networking overview Howto" refers to a "DHCP mini HOWTO",
> and the latter suggest Debian users to install a deb package called
> "dhcpcd". However, this package is not available in testing.

Yes, dhcpcd is the program you want.  There are at least two popular
DHCP clients, dhcpcd and pump.  I've used both and both have worked
well for me.  You should be able to install the dhcpcd package from

I am new to Debian, so I can't tell you which files/scripts you need to
modify.  My woody CDs won't arrive until later this week :)

Best Regards,
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