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Re: List as a newsgroup

>>>>> "Dougie" == Dougie Nisbet <djn@highmoor.co.uk> writes:

Dougie> I've just discovered I can get this list as a newsgroup. I tried
Dougie> this about a year ago when I first started using Debian, but it
Dougie> didn't work, so since then I've been getting it as a mailing
Dougie> list.

Dougie> Has it always been like this, or is this a recent thing. I'm not
Dougie> beginning to wonder whether my ISP didn't provide the group, and
Dougie> I mistakenly assumed it was only available as a mailing list.

I think that it once was offered as a newsgroup, but that was
discontinued around a year ago, and although the newsgroup still
existed, it wasn't in sync with the mailing list.

For a whole load of mailing lists as newsgroups, though, you may want to
check out www.gmane.org.  They have their own mail-to-news gateway.

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